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How to Spot an Undervalued Market in International Real Estate

A Talk by John Palumbo Global Investor, Beachfront Offers

John Palumbo is here to speak to us about spotting trends in the international real estate markets. He will highlight what he looks at when selecting a location and do a deep-dive on the opportunities in Brazil.

As a global real estate expert and investor, John understands the market extremely well. He will break down FACT or fiction about leaving your money in the bank, owning a parking space in NYC, the price of beachfront property in Florida, what price you CAN pay for beautiful beach front property, and he will be comparing countries from 20 years ago to today.

His extensive travel, research, and foreign transactions have helped him develop insights on global real estate and procure the ability to identify emerging markets and opportunities.

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John Palumbo

John Palumbo is a global real estate expert and investor whose international acquisitions include real estate in several countries, spread over three continents. As an active investor in foreign properties for nearly two decades, John understands the difference between fleeting market trends and true growth areas.

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