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Gold... Fake News or Proven Performer

A Talk by Rich Checkan President, Asset Strategies International

In this presentation, Rich Checkan, the president of Asset Strategies International, will be discussing Gold. Are you looking at Gold for your portfolio? Do you have questions like what is the ideal allocation amount, how can I invest in Gold and can I use it as an insurance policy to protect my portfolio from the downside?

Asset Strategies International, a Rockville Maryland company, founded in 1982, is an innovator in alternative asset ownership, including precious metals, foreign currencies, pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, and global asset protection. ASI's mission that you "Keep What's Yours" is accomplished through carefully designed wealth strategies accessible to all.

Co-Founders Michael Checkan and the late, Glen O. Kirsch, believe wealth must be protected by diversifying across currencies, across countries, and across investments. The world's economy is precarious and requires precautionary measures.

"In these unpredictable and uncertain times, ASI is committed to helping you add stability to your portfolio and give you peace-of-mind."

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Rich Checkan

Rich Checkan is the President of Asset Strategies International. He oversees the operations, administrative, sales, and marketing departments, as well as serving as ASI’s Compliance Officer. ASI's mission is: "Keep What's Yours" and is accomplished through carefully designed wealth strategies accessible to all.

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