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What I Learned From Interviewing Hundreds of Freedom-Loving Individuals

A talk by Marc Clair
Co-founder, Lions of Liberty

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Marc Clair is the host of Lions of Liberty podcast, founded in 2013. They have become the leading platform for libertarian voices in the alternative media having prominent libertarians such as Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff and hundreds of others.

Our next presenter is Marc Clair, Host and Producer of Lions of Liberty podcast. After being inspired by the 2008 Presidential campaign of Ron Paul, Marc co-founded the Lions of Liberty with three of his fellow Penn State alumni. That website soon evolved from opinion pieces and daily news articles into the Lions of Liberty podcast, which Marc founded in 2013.

Today Marc will be discussing the types of people who become Libertarians and he talks to us about what he has learned about becoming FREE and the task of freedom-lovers around the world finding ways to AWAKEN this feeling in their fellow man.

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