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Permanent Residency In Panama

A Talk by Annethe Castillo Vice President of Business, Dawcas Ideas Renovables, S.A.

Are you seriously contemplating moving to Panama? In this presentation, Annethe Castillo, Vice President of Business with DAWCAS, will explain in detail how you can get residency in Panama, the hub of the Americas. She explains why Panama is so appealing to all ages, not just retirees. After Annethes presentation you will fully understand what needs to be done prior to you leaving your home country and how the process will look and how long it will take, AND what visa you qualify for. You will have all of your questions answered.

Being in business for more than 15 years in finance, administrative and immigration gives Annethe a unique perspective with her clients. She has actively participated in the development of corporate structures and businesses and completed her MBA studies at Lindenwood University in the USA. She is Co-founder of Dawcas, a boutique service company located in Panama City, which she started in 2010. Annethe also handles all applications for residency in Panama for my clients at Escape Artist.

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Annethe Castillo

Annethe Castillo is Vice President of Business at Dawcas, a boutique service company, and has helped over 500 foreign clients, assisting them with migration and establishing their business in Panama. Annethe completed her MBA studies at Lindenwood University in the USA.

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