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Profit Generationally from Teak, a Globally In-Demand Asset

A talk by Rachel Jensen
VP of Business Development, Teak Hardwoods

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Rachel Jensen is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ECI Developments and Teak Hardwoods. Rachel is an international speaker and possibly the most knowledgeable person I know on Teak Hardwoods.

The investment of hard tangible assets that you can touch and feel is a repeating theme at this year's Offshore Escape 2020 Summit, and it's no wonder with the state of the world right now.

People feel betrayed by the government, betrayed by their companies and betrayed by their stocks and mutual funds.

In this presentation, my very good friend Rachel Jensen is going to talk about why you should invest in timber and why it is no longer just for the wealthiest people in the world. She’ll discuss, the business; how to invest; and the yield. We will look in-depth at the teak markets and how you can participate.

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