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Tax and Residency Solutions for Digital Nomads

A Talk by Bobby Casey Managing Director, Global Wealth Protection

Presenting today is Bobby Casey from Global Wealth Protection. Even with the Coronavirus at it’s peak, Bobby is travelling the USA, seeing the wonders of his country all while continuing to make a living, and a good living at that. With a Masters in Entrepreneurship from MIT, I don’t believe anyone can help answer the questions you are looking for today, better than Bobby. Answers to questions like, Where can I live? Who do I pay taxes to? Do I pay taxes to my home country? How do I protect myself?

Bobby is a lifelong entrepreneur, investor and student of life. He is a believer in privacy and freedom and fights this fight through words and actions around the world. As a renowned speaker on anarcho-capitalism, free-market economics, and offshore business, Bobby travels the globe working with like-minded clients helping them properly structure their businesses and their lives to minimize risk and maximize reward.

GWP provides asset protection consulting and offshore corporate and trust services in Anguilla, Seychelles, Nevis, Cook Islands, Belize and St. Vincent. The company is focused on educating clients in proper ways to move assets offshore and diversify globally while finding the right solutions for each individual need. Partners are focused on one-on-one client interaction with a problem-solving approach.

GWP helps clients from around the world internationalize their assets and take advantage of unique investment opportunities globally.

His belief is that through pure capitalism, the world prospers.

If you are looking for a more flexible lifestyle and are having trouble finding the proper information on line, then this presentation is right for you.

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Bobby Casey

Bobby Casey is the Managing Director of Global Wealth Protection. He holds 2 bachelor's degrees. 1 in Finance and a minor in Economics and a 2nd in International Business with a minor in Russian. In addition, he holds a Masters in Entreprenuership from MIT.

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