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The Pablo Escobar Effect - Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Colombia

A talk by Hector Quintana
CEO, Zen Global

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Hector G. Quintana is the CEO and Founder of Zen Global. Hector is a 35-year veteran of the international real estate industry, an asset management specialist, and a leader who is committed to social contribution, while retaining a surprisingly humble lifestyle.

Our next presenter is Hector Quintana, the CEO and Founder of Zen Global. Today's presentation will take us to the country of Colombia, situated in South America. If you’ve ever wanted to purchase international real estate, then this is the talk for you. Hector walks us through cities in Colombia that are absolutely breathtaking, certainly an amazing country to buy real estate to either live in now or to retire down the road.

Hector’s role at Zen Global has evolved from the simple premise that everyone deserves quality real estate investment advice and truly professional commercial and residential real estate services.

His extensive international real estate market experience, having closed real estate transactions in 42 countries, has significantly enhanced the firm’s already established and highly reputable consulting, asset management and investment initiatives.

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